Sunday, September 18, 2005

Have you not learned yet: Never Underestimate John Edwards

You know, people are already starting to talk about 2008 Presidential prospects.

John Kerry's only "strength" last year was so-called "electability" which was demonstrated to be wrong. He better not try to run next time around (and I actually like the guy).

Joe Biden is about as exciting as Bob Graham and Dick Gephardt were last year - zero.

In a country with a medieval mind, no woman can win. Hillary's exciting only to the DC press.

Wesley Clark is a war criminal. Thank Chthulu he's a lousy campaigner.

I am assuming ...hoping, that Joementum learned his embarassing lesson and will not run.

Warner and Bayh are only interesting to the DLC crowd.

This leaves Russ Feingold and John Edwards.

And you KNOW that response to Katrina and the exposure of the folly of conservatism will be at the forefront of the campaign. War on poverty will be the main theme.

Now, you may say that Edwards is out because he's not on TV much right now. Well, he is not in DC. While the others are preening to the cameras, he is busy working.

He has never dismantled his grassroots organization which is actually growing (check out his blog and the

He is light-years ahead of others in the understanding and use of new technology (blogging, book-blogging, podcasting, video-blogging, etc).

He has another book coming out soon - again, just like "Four Trials" it is an untypical candidate's book - no policy, but a great read.

He is co-chairing some high-level foreign-policy committee.

He is running the Center for Poverty and Work.

He is travelling around the country, giving talks and shaking hands.

He is waaay ahead of others in the game of running for 2008 Presidency.

And Katrina just fell on his lap like a Christmas present. The tragedy exposed the existence of poverty and the callousness of the rich.

I have yet to find a commentator who had NOT used the phrase "Two Americas" sometime during the past two weeks. And when you say "Two Americas", you automatically think of John Edwards.

Every other candidate who starts talking about poverty now will be asked: Where were you when Edwards was talking about it? It is as if only Edwards has the genuine ownership of the topic (of course not, but politics is about perceptions).

And this will be the central topic in 2008. And he, not being a senator right now, but having the "inside experience" is even betetr positioned than last year.

See how much the concept of "Two Americas" is back on the front burner and how much it is automatically connected to Edwards' name:

Technorati search comes up with 254 posts on "Two Americas" and "Katrina".

Google Blog search reveals 2,422 posts on "Two Americas".

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