Sunday, June 05, 2005

Edwards is Runnin'!

John Edwards has been active lately. Obviously and openly he is already running for Prez. And he is doing all the right things. He is travelling around the world and talking to world leaders, most recently Tony Blair. He is co-chairing the new Council taskforce on Russian/American relations. He has founded a think-tank, the UNC Center for Work and Poverty. He has a PAC, the One America Committee, on which he blogs, podcasts, book-blogs and video-blogs regularly. He has recently done a great stint of guest-blogging at the TPM Cafe. He has a small army of devoted grassroots supporters. He is currently the leading Democrat in 2008 Prez race polls (forget Kerry and Hiullary). He is driving local Righties nuts enough that they have started repeating the old Loch Faircloth lies already. Haven't they read this?

More information and links can be found on Jude's blog, especially this recent post.

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