Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Darn! I hate to beg!

OK, my wife got paid today and so I went and paid the rent. I did a very small grocery shopping with the rest of the money and there is nothing left.

Last week, I paid the minimum (not the whole amount) for cable/internet, once they cut it off. If I do not pay at least the minimum by May 10th, they will cut off my electricity as well.

The day after that, we are not planning anything for my big Four Oh birthday.

We are about to loose our health insurance because my wife is earning too much!!!!

Last time I taught only the lab, so on May 15th I'll get only a little short of $500.

On the same day, Blogads should forward me something like $100.

On the same day, John Edwards will be half a block from my house, and it costs $50 bucks for our family to go.

My mother is sending me some money all the way from Belgrade, but that is earmarked for the tickets to New York City. How on Earth am I going to go to New York, if I cannot pay any bills first?

How can I meet NYC bloggers? Or blog about it? Or see my brother after a 3-year break (and kids are so excited about seeing their favourite uncle again)? Or finally get to meet his wife? Or blog about the art show on which the two of them are going to exhibit their stuff? Or blog about the last days of the Darwin Exhibit?

I hate doing this, but I have to ask for a little help - the PayPal button and the Amazon button are on the right sidebar. If each reader gives a dollar by the 10th, I'll get to keep the electricity. I'll deal with the rest somehow on my own.

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