Thursday, October 27, 2005


You may have noticed a couple of subtle changes here.

I have kicked off the Hitmaps, the TTLB Ecosystem status and the Moonphase off of my template.

I have moved all the miscellaneous links off the front page - too much clutter - but you can access them from the sidebar, just click on Miscellaneous Links.

I have finally provided the links to the Meta-Carnival, Circadiana and groups blogs I am a member of. Instead of searching through the site to find that stuff, it is now readily available on the sidebar.

Now I have a huge space between the bottom of the last post and the bottom of the page! Can anyone help?

Also, the links to the Webring I am a member of is all the way down below the bottom, on the dark part of the skin, thus barely visible unless you try to highlight it. Help?!

Updating the Categories (I am about two months behind - use monthly Archives for recent stuff and Categories for older stuff until I catch up)
Updating the BLOGROLL
Changing the template - which standard Blogger template do YOU like?
Putting up the Amazon button (many people refuse to use PayPal)

Anything else I need to do (besides moving off Blogspot)?

I have now updated the Categories. I need to get in a habit to do that as soon as I post. I wish Blogger would automate this function!

Update 2: You may notice a little BlogAds spot on the left. Sooner or later I am assuming I will get some ads there through Liberal Prose blog group. Until then, if you want to advertise here for free, let me know.

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