Monday, May 23, 2005

Yoda Kicks Ass!

There is a reason why I will never be a movie critic: I just like 'em too much. Especially the movies with no artistic pretensions. I regress into my inner child, get bloated on popcorn and root for the good guys.

I just came back from the theater: Cotur nix Jr. and I had a boys' night out to see the Sith. I loved the special effects, the creatures, the fights. My palms were itching for a light sabre. I could not care less about the quality of the plot, acting, characters, or the deeper meanings of it all. I was just totally there, inside the action, adrenaline high...

Yoda is the greatest!

Lance and PZ on political and religious commentary on the Sith, particularly on Orson Scott Card.(fixed the link to Lance - it was initially pointing to the wrong post)

Amygdala gives a blow-by-blow in a series of posts, including some dialogue that never made it into the movie. Very cool.Ï

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