Friday, January 28, 2005

Measure Lakoff's Effect

If all you have read by Lakoff is "Don't think of an elephant", you either reject him or do not know how to use it because you do not really understand where it all comes from. If you do nto have time, money or enthusiasm to read "Moral Politics", at least do yourself a service and follow this ongoing series of posts at Effect Measure:

Lakoff - XI: the moral toolbox

Lakoff - X: thinking about morality metaphorically

Lakoff IX: moral accounting

Lakoff VIII: entering the thicket of morality

Lakoff VII: his important contribution to political discourse

Lakoff VI: prelude to politics

Lakoff V: setting the stage

Lakoff IV: complex metaphors

Lakoff III: embodied concepts

Lakoff II: preliminaries

Lakoff I: who is George Lakoff?

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