Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Obligatory Readings of the Day

Still exhausted from last night's lecture (I'll probably write something about it on The Magic School Bus later on), so here are some good reeadings for y'all:

Believe it or not: The battle over certainty by Lisa Jardine is an excellent essay on the way scientists think (via Pharyngula - the title "Clocks ans Creationists" made me think, at first, that this has something to do, again, with circadian clocks, but that is a nail for my hammer....)

Amanda on misuse and misinformation of women's health science: Misinformation campaigns are a mile wide and an inch deep

Bee Policy on party-uber-alles mentality in American politics: Caffeine, or righteous indignance

Civic Science, on what is it that everyone should be taught in science classes (via SEED)

And Pam, on the Covenant Marriage.

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