Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Good article on local political blogging

Here's a really good article on political blogging in Raleigh Independent. Of course, Kos and Armstrong are coming to town on Friday, so there is a lot about DailyKos, MyDD, Dean campaign and their new book. Perhaps I will make it to Quail Ridge Books on Friday...

Read first Kirk Ross' Page Three teaser, on blogging itself: Blogroots:
Bloggers are building communities, building trust, getting better at vetting information, and moving at a pace that is running rings around their traditional counterparts. The blogs, especially those like our local array of political sites featured this week on page 20, are fast becoming the modern watering holes where political animals and the mildly to highly interested congregate and converse.
Then read the main big article by Bob Geary: The Revolution Will Be Blogged.

What I particularly like is that two thirds of the article are devoted to local progressive blogs, especially, and most deservedly, Orange Politics and BlueNC, the local and state versions of DailyKos. A few other notables are mentioned, including The Stinging Nettle and Pam's House Blend, but it does not mention that Pam is the 1/3 of the trio at Pandagon, one of the biggest Progressive blogs in the nation.

I wish they listed at least another 20 or so local political blogs, because there are many worthy progressive blogs around here, but I guess they were focusing on those blogs that have a sharp focus on local issues, following local races, and work on building local progresive communities that can spring into action when needed and make a difference in local politics. But not to mention Will Raymond and Sally Greene!@#$%^&? That is one big glaring omission.

You can go to Indy's blog Dent, to post comments on the article.

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