Friday, May 05, 2006

An Eye on 2008

Interesting new poll on potential Democratic presidential candidate: Hotline/Diageo Poll

This early in the race, Hillary is still in a pretty comfortable lead. Hopefully, that will not last too long. She is just plainly wrong.

Obviously, name recognition is important at this stage in the game. It is interesting to look at the numbers in closer detail. For instance, in one-on-one matchups, Edwards gives Hillary the most trouble of all candidates.

Also, it is interesting to see the table of numbers summarizing the answers to the question: Which Of Following Dems Would You Never Vote For In A Dem Primary? Hillary, Kerry and Biden, as expected, have relatively high numbers (though, of course, those are quite small) - nobody likes or trusts these three in the liberal/progressive base. But the highest number is for Wesley Clark, something I did not expect. At least around the liberal blogs, there appears to be quite a lot of love, or at least respect for Clark and I always felt alone in my absolute refusal to vote for a war criminal. Perhaps there are more people that think like me than I thought there were.

You can find more about Edwards' recent activities, media mentions and polls here.

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