Friday, May 05, 2006

Carnival of the Liberals - call for submissions

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From the CotL mailing-list:
If you haven’t written that killer blog post yet, it’s time to start writing. Carnival of the Liberals #12 is at Daylight Atheism on Wednesday, May 10th. Ebon Muse didn’t specify a deadline, but you should try to have your posts in by Monday, May 8th sometime before midnight. Additionally, this bi-week’s CotL is looking for posts on the following specific topics, but as usual any great writing from a liberal perspective is welcome:

* Separation of church and state and efforts to violate it
* Religion in politics, both the evils of the religious right and efforts by the religious left to make their voices heard
* The effort to unify liberal single-issue groups into a progressive majority

Submissions have been a little light for this edition, so if you haven’t been represented in Carnival of the Liberals in a while, now’s your chance. After all, you’re not going to let Dr. Biobrain continue to dominate CotL are you?

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