Thursday, April 20, 2006

Science News

* Crying walrus pups may be orphaned thanks to global warming:
Melting ocean ice may be leaving walrus pups stranded, according to researchers.

* Huge dinosaur may have hunted in packs:
A newly described beast rivaling T. rex in size may shed light on the social side of dinosaurs, scientists say.

* Frigid lakes not the life labs they were thought to be?:
Antarctic lakes locked under ice were thought to be totally isolated, and thus to house exotic life forms. Maybe not.

* Mediterranean diet linked to lower Alzheimer's risk:
A study tied fruit- and vegetable-rich diets to lower Alzheimer's disease rates among Americans.

* Wall of galaxies tugs on us, astronomers find:
Researchers say they're closing in on an understanding of the long-sought "Great Attractor."

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