Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tar Heel Tavern - call for submissions

GingerRivers will be hosting the Tar Heel Tavern # 54.

The theme is grace. How do you define grace? Where do you find it? What, or whom have you seen it in? This tavern will focus on grace, on these questions. Write a poem, a short essay, send in a photograph with a caption ~ whatever you choose. Post your entry on your blog. Submit it to Tar Heel Tavern by sending an email with "Tar Heel Tavern" in the subject field of your e-mail to: gingerivers AT yahoo DOT com

Send: The name of your blog; The title of the post; The URL of your post. Additional blurb about it is also a nice touch and may be used to introduce your entry. Send the entries by Saturday 2/25 at 9PM and the Tavern will be up on Sunday morning.

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