Friday, March 03, 2006

Obligatory Readings of the Day

Radical Russ: Did someone say "sociopaths"?
Lambert, on essentially same topic - corporations as "persons": Why do the Republicans want to you eat rotten food?
And Lambert again: Why do Republicans hate the poor?

MJS: An ad hoc Armageddonist.

Ed Cone: Ad whominem.

John Wilkins: Rooting the tree - and finding the cenancestor?

This is a political post - read to the end: Autoimmune diseases.

Hugo is battling femiphobia.

Scott Lemieux: Causal Theories So Implausible They Deserve to be Called 'Objectivism' (follow the links within).

Nanobiology Notes: ATP explained

Heather on
Demolition Recycling - it's the money, not just altruism.

You've heard about the paper on sex in water-fleas? Now, one of the authors explains what it means.

Paying Down Your Debt Can Raise A Red Flag With The Department Of Homeland Security! No, You Can't Have A Pony!

Amanda: Nice guys and the hipster birthright of the high school nerd

Driftglass: Embracing Your Inner 'Poon Nazi'

Dover in St.Petersburg (Russia)?

Marisa on Lakoff.

Gnosos asked Kent Hovind a question.

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