Thursday, March 02, 2006

Obligatory Readings of the Day

Apophenia: the value of high school.

Dean Dad: Why is it taboo to talk openly about salaries?

The Countess: The Biology Of Love.

Eszter on Crooked Timber is collecting gender signs, as in pictures on doors of toilets that differentitate between men and women in a symbolic and stylized way. Watch her growing collection of images here.

Echidne On Choice, Abortion and Multiculturalism.

The South Dakota bill also ban contraception, acutane and warfarin.

On Bush and Katrina:
Firedoglake: It's All About The Lying
Mahablog: La La La La La
Jessica Wilson: Texas chainsaw massacre.
Pam checks the Freeperland.

The official pro-war position:
* there is no civil war in Iraq
* there will be no civil war in Iraq
* if civil war comes, it won’t be our fault
* when civil war comes, it will be a good thing

Niches: The Enormous Egg.

The Best Blogging Newspapers in the U.S.

Mardi Gras on My Mind.

Scarlett Johanssens of the future are safe: Blonde Equilibrium

Orac collects responses to the newest autism BS by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Dr. Free-Ride: OK, let's get rid of basic research

Word Munger: 'pro-life' movement is really an anti-sex movement

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