Friday, March 03, 2006

Obligatory Readings of the Day (mostly science news)

On Bird Flu: Insurance companies give poultry farmers the bird
Wherein I disagree with Laurie Garrett

Study reveals mass migration of mormon crickets driven by hunger, fear

Falcon decoys and simulated rifle fire keep birds from oil

A new tree of life allows a closer look at the origin of species

Lance Mannion: Searching for Bobby Fischer at John F. Smith Elementary

Ivory-Bill news: Scientists to seek once presumed-extinct bird

Chimps Cooperate Too
Chimpanzee cooperators

Drum: Universal Healthcare....

Science and Reason: Mirror neurons

The Daily Transcript: The Origin of the Nucleus.

Uncertain Principles: Better Jobs Than Science

DarkSyde interviews Michael Grunwald (author of 'Swamp').

SocraticGadfly on "wrist-walking" people in Tureky: Cultural imperialism rears its ugly head in science

Officials: Bird flu spread to Serbia

Zero Brane: Neural Modeling: Emotions

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