Sunday, March 12, 2006

Koufax Awards - Voting about to close

Update: Semi-finals for the Koufax Awards are going to end tomorrow, Monday at 11:59 PM, over at Wampum. So, if you have not done it by now, go vote for me or for those more worthy than me.

There is an amazing diversity of excellent blogs in all categories. Cutting down one's choices to just one per category is going to make me break into a sweat. After all, I have nominated so many of them myself.

My blogs also receieved nominations in several categories. Best series is the only place where I have half a chance of getting ANY votes whatsoever, but you can surprise me...

You can find Science And Politics in the following categories:

Best Blog (non-professional)
Most Deserving of Wider Recognition
Best Single Issue Blog
Best Post
Best Series

And Circadiana was nominated in this category:

Best Expert Blog

So, go to Wampum, check out all the nominees in all the categories and VOTE!


This is soooo hard! I tried NOT to vote for the biggest vote-getters at this stage. I can always vote for them in the finals (as they are sure to make it there). I tried, instead, to make sure that some of these blogs make it to the finals in the first place:

Best Blog (non-professional)
Legal Fiction

Best Blog -- Sponsored or Professional
The Intersection

Best Blog Community
One America Blog

Best Writing
Lance Mannion

Best New Blog
Adventures in Ethics and Science

Most Deserving of Wider Recognition
Echidne of the Snakes

Best Single Issue Blog
Effect Measure

Best Post
Creek Running North: Life and Death by Chris Clarke

Best Series
Science And Politics on 'Understanding America'

Best Expert Blog
East Ethnia

Best Group Blog
Shakespeare's Sister

Most Humorous Blog

Most Humorous Post
Michael Berube: And now a word from our sponsor

Best State or Local Blog
Orange Politics

Best Commenter

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