Monday, March 13, 2006

Holy Cow - Swimming Ants!

Scientists discover swimming ants!
Just wait for the sci-fi channel to get hold of this and make a movie. Imagine gigantic mutant man-eating swimming ants terrorizing a small fisherman town. At first, the fishermen cannot catch any fish any more - they are all gone! Then, after exterminating the fish, hungry ants go to the dry land. The first victim is a dog. Second vicitm is a teenager making out with his girlfriend in the woods. There is, of course, a corrupt mayor who allowed the dumping of mutagenic chemical or radioactive waste in return for some political favors! The nerdy entomologist and gorgeous boobalicious mayor's daughter save the day by blowing up the submerged mangrove air-pocket anthill, then, all sweaty, dirty and wet, they kiss! Roll the credits. Next showing at 4am.

(Hat-tip: Living the Scientific Life)

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