Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Blogger MeetUp

For various (mostly scheduling) reasons, I could not make it to the Chapel Hill/Carrboro bloggers Meetup in several months!

But, starting tomorrow, the schedule is different, and I will find myself sipping excellent coffee at 3Cups coffee shop on West Franklin Street tomorrow night at 6pm.

And on top of all that I will get to meet one of the bloggers of renown - one of the "most dangerous professors in America" (as David Horrowitz would say) - Michael Berube - who is here as a visiting scholar for the next month.

I expect to see some regulars there, for instance, Anton Zuiker, AE, Pam (of Pandagon fame), Paul Jones (if he has time - judging all those Blooker Prize finalists!), Sally Green (who, I hear, is a great Berube fan), Brian Russell, Melinama, Kenneth Bavier and many more. I guess that Ruby is out of town. Perhaps in two weeks...

Anyone else planning to go? I'll try to remember to put new batteries in my camera to take some pics to post tomorrow night...

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