Monday, February 13, 2006


Yup, I ranted about this before. Reducing taxes from 90% to 80% does not stimulate the economy - it removes the inhibition. Any further cuts do nothing, apart from allowing rich people to buy more yachts and racehorses. But half of the country dislikes the idea of paying taxes and cannot even fathom that the other half does not feel that way.

I have no problem with paying my taxes, even now when I am aware that my money is going to fund the Disaster in Iraq, the spying on US citizens, enforcement of NCLB, Dick Cheney's mobile ambulance, faith-based inititatives, Creationist thinktanks, salaries of criminals occupying the White House as well as their re-election campaigns, and host of other monstrosities.

I pay taxes cheerfully when I know that my money will go towards a sane and efficient defense, law-enforcement that atually makes us safe, investment into infrastructure, investment into scientific and technological research, towards education, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, efficient social services that help people when they are out of luck and help poor people get out of poverty and get on their own feet - you know, the stuff that government is supposed to be doing and does well.

Thus, the obligatory reading of the day:

Tax Cuts Raise Revenue COMPLETELY DEBUNKED by Hale Stewart

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