Thursday, February 16, 2006

No liberal bias found on a conservative campus

From the Independent Weekly: NCSU students reject 'Academic Bill of Rights':
Conservative organizations attempting to crack down on what they say is liberal bias in the nation's universities lost a battle this month in N.C. State University's Student Senate.
Bruck summed up his opposition by saying the Academic Bill of Rights is "not academic, certainly not a bill, and no one gets any rights.

From the Technician: Committee opts to kill academic freedom bill:
More than an hour of discussion and debate yielded few answers Wednesday night as members of the Student Senate's Public Affairs Committee tabled indefinitely a controversial proposal regarding academic freedoms.

The resolution, entitled the Academic Bill of Rights, supports a bill in the N.C. General Assembly of the same name that focuses on ensuring "free inquiry and free speech within the academic community" in the UNC System.....
If Horowitz so easily lost at NCSU, he'll lose everywhere but Bob Jones University.

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