Sunday, February 12, 2006

A brief rest from politics

If you scroll down the page, or more, you will see there is nothing here about Alito, filibuster, DeLay, Abramoff, NSA spying on Americans, Iraq, Danish cartoons, West Virginia miners, Katrina, Brownie, Bush, Cheney shooting a man, WaPo war on bloggers, Dobson, Falwell, mid-term elections, Frist, Rice, misnamed War on Terror, spineless Democrats, crazy Conservatives, etc. I guess I am just saturated at the moment. About three months ago I started a long post about Lakoffian stuff and never finished it. I started a review of Mooney's book "Republican War on Science" and have not finished it (I will, one day, just not yet).

I need to rest from politics a little, at least as a blogger. I do read about all of this and follow the news. I even turned on the TV to watch the CNN special on the lies that resulted in the war in Iraq. I know I will come back to it. Once November gets closer, I know I will do something to support congressional and local candidates, I may donate money if I have any at the time, I will try to make myself useful before and on the day of the election, and I am likely to post something about it here. I am certainly not turning off and becoming apolitical and uninformed.

But I am tired of writing about it and debating politics online. I need to rest and write what I enjoy writing about right now - science, teaching, know - normal stuff of life. I know that some thing or another will prompt me occasionally to write a political post, but it is not going to be a daily event. Stay tuned. An excuse to break this promise may appear tomorrow, one never knows.

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