Monday, February 20, 2006

Blogs on Wieseltier on Dennett

Awful Leon Wieseltier's review of Daniel Dennett's book Breaking the Spell has already been ably fisked by PZ Myers of Pharyngula, Michael Bains of Silly Humans and Brian Leiter of Leiter Reports. I have nothing to add to those brilliant fiskings, so just go and read the Grand Masters.

If you are hungry for more, there are some other interesting reviews of the review on Stumblings in the dark, The Little Green Blog, Shotgunfreude and The Secular Outpost.

The rest of the blogosphere, predictably, is cheerleading Wieseltier as he coddles them in their supernatural superstitions and beliefs, and provides them with material for today's Minute Of Hate for all things rational.

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