Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The big butt

From David Sifry (via Jeff Jarvis), a new term - David calls is the "magic middle" and Jeff calls it "the big butt" - used to describe the blogs positioned somewhere between the A-list "big head" and the myriads of small and new blogs making up the "long tail". David defines it as blogs that have between 20 and 1000 people linking to them. About 155,000 blogs fit in this territory. So, with about 400+ incoming links, I am proudly smack in the middle of the blogosphere's ass (yes, I know what word you are about to use to describe me, especially if you are a Bush-devoted Republican).

Jeff thinks that these middle-bloggers are often niche bloggers, which also means that many of those are authoraitative. In other words, those are blogs written by experts about topics of their expertise. He writes:
These middle tier blogs also define communities of interest in the blogosphere. Its easy to think of the blogosphere as a cacophony of voices spread out over a big long tail distribution. But Blog Finder and Explore help resolve these thousands of blogs into topical, relevant communities of interest that interlink, refer to one another and often wrestle with ideas, discuss them and move them along.
Definitely go and read David's report - there is a lot of good stuff. 'Explore' is a new feature on Technorati that I intend to try out. Of course, David is touting his own wares, but, you know what I am going to say: the best way to find good niche-blogs with expertise are blog carnivals.

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