Monday, January 02, 2006

Traditional Media getting it, or not

Jane Hamsher and Digby wrote excellent posts about the inability of the Traditional Media (let's not call them Mainstream any more, as DailyKos has more daily readers than most of them) to grok blogs and cultivate bloggers.

On the other hand Greensboro News & Record is a shiny example of a newspaper that gets it right. Jeff Jarvis wants to steal away The Editor, John Robinson. Local bloggers protest in the comments.

The trick for the newspaper idustry, it seems, is to write stories about people having sex with horses or mules, I guess. It is, actually, a highly political story, as all reported instances of S&M and bondage same-sex relationships with underage livestock are describing Republicans in action. Not even the he-said/she-said press could uncover a single Democrat doing this.

(Links via Billy and Ed)

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