Saturday, January 21, 2006

Science News

* Explaining 'stolen' memories:
Are all your memories really yours? Researchers are exploring why you can't necessarily count on it.

* Love and madness not that different?:
Research over the past several years has clarified what happens in the brain when we fall in love.

* Brain scans betray our joy in others' suffering:
The satisfaction we sometimes feel if someone we dislike suffers has an evolutionary role, some biologists argue.

* Divorce shreds wealth, study finds:
A slide in wealth starts four years before divorce becomes official, on average, according to research.

* Pluto mission launched:
The spacecraft would rendezvous with the ice planet in 2015.

* Volcano plumes found to well from unsuspected depths:
The liquid rock spewed by volcanoes originates much deeper than previously thought, geologists say.

* Newfound Roman tomb said to predate empire:
A tomb found beneath the Roman Forum could predate the ancient empire by hundreds of years.

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