Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Random Link-Love

For my original writing scroll down. Or check last month. Or the one before it. Or dig through the archives. For now, see how original others are:

From Pam's House Blend, Radical Russ on Brandi Swindell and Pam on Virginia Foxx.

Alun of Archaeoastronomy asks: Is religion a virus?

Tara Smith of Aetiology - two wonderful posts: Those who do not learn from history... and This view of life.

Alternate Brain: All it takes is one wronged woman to bring down an Empire!

Is Bill slowing down?

Dr.Biobrain has developed his own strategy when arguing with Christians.

Two posts on rational discourse on Buridan's Ass.

For the readers of 'Water Babies', more from Siris.

Why are cops called "blues" and "Bobbies"? Ask Bobbysitter.

Learn your economics from Dark Wraith.

Publius on the legality of telecom firms' involvement in spying.

Echidne slaughters David Brooks and John Tierney.

Revere found the Bane of all existence and a great title: Sick transit (but not a glorious Monday). Also, a post full of important information including miso.

Jason Rosenhouse dissects articles by Phyllis Schlafly, Gertrude Himmelfarb, Paul Bloom and Cal Thomas.

Matt Nisbet collects Top News and Science Stories of 2005 and Most Closely Followed Stories in 2005.

Chris Clarke is going to win the Koufax for Best Writer because everyone will see this post on top of the page.

Birds in the News from Hedwig.

Here's some real Intelligent Design. Also, should naturalist scientists engage in evangelism or apologetics?

Do fish get bird flu? Also, Flying Spaghetti Monster in the Scientific American.

Are humans the point of evolution?

Stewie is looking at his calendar.

Who is the mysterious MUNNYMAN?

Jill Holloway explains why she started a blog. Excellent reasons!

From I Cogitate: The Immoral Mr. Bush.

From The Blue Republic : Announcing the Best New Government Program Since 1984!!!.

From the Liberal Party of America Blog: Liberals Past, Present and Future.

Horatio of Dodecahedron on Medical Marijuana.

LiberalPro: Better Shape Up.

Card-carrying Buddhist of No Blood for Hubris: Bubble Boy: Sending Our Kids to Die For His Right to Remain A Maroon!.

Liberally Speaking: What about Bin Laden?.

The Blue Voice: What kind of America?

From 200Motels: THE BLUES BROTHERS IN WASHINGTON (Bush and Cheney Blues) and The White House Christmas Party.

Mungovit's End is back in full snark.

The Most Dangerous Ideas.

Judging the book without its cover or judging the rejection slip from the publisher?

Who Abramoff donated to:
# Amount to Republican candidates: $172,933
# Amount to Special Interests: $88,985
# Amount to Democrats: $0

Orac has a brand new spiffy template and is mad at his colleague.

PZ Myers is getting famous and now has to clarify his positions when they are misconstrued. Also, he gets mad when conservatives try to give advice...

Turns out you don't need a Prozac alongside your abortion and What about the polygamous lesbian commune/chinchilla farm we were gonna start?

Fighting Dems and Firefighting Dems.

This is hillarious. Do not drink and read.

Heck of a Job and Bush’s Legacy, in Three Stories.

What Scientists Owe the Public.

Coming to terms with evolution from a Jewish perspective.

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