Saturday, January 14, 2006

New Carnival

Ampersand is starting a new carnival, the The Big Fat Carnival:
The Big Fat Carnival is a carnival for collecting some of the best blog posts regarding fat pride; fat acceptance; critiques of anti-fat bigotry, attitudes and research; celebration of images of fat people; practical difficulties of being fat; fat love (queer and otherwise); feminist views of fat and fat acceptance; the health at every size movement (HAES); and whatever else each edition's editor feels fits into the theme.
Dunno, I was always skinny. Too skinny. No big bulging muscles (or beer-belly) that girls find attractive. I had to overcompensate by developing my smarts, my charm and my sense of humor. If you are very skinny, have you experienced being dissed, laughed at, or even discriminated against?

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