Sunday, January 01, 2006

The Must Reads of the Day

I am obviously using the extended holidays to recharge my blogging batteries. One cannot constantly "feed the blog". So, instead of keeping you here any longer, I'll let you leave for now, with some suggestions where it is really worth to go next:

First, go and say hello and congratulations to Lauren - she graduated and has become a teacher. Her post about gender, expectations and education is The Must Read of the day.

Inspired by that post, The Happy Feminist, Scott Lemieux and djw of Lawyers, Guns and Money, as well as Sean Carroll of Cosmic Variance and Amanda of Pandagon chip in, adding their own life experiences. It is still a holiday. By this time you should be sober, yet still have plenty of free time, so go and read all of these VERY insightful posts and the associated comment threads.

Also, Chris of Mixing Memory and John Quiggin of Crooked Timber have interesting takes (and comments) on the "Terrorism Is Like Cancer" metaphor.

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