Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm Dill In Every Soup

There is a saying in Serbo-Croatian: "u svakoj corbi mirodjija". The word "mirodjija" (mee-rho-dyee-yah) means dill, as in a very specific plant species, but is sometimes also used to denote any kind of spice one can add to food (except, perhaps, salt).

But the saying utilizes a more figurative meaning - a person who puts his nose everywhere, or, to be more charitable, a person who is, or tries to be, a member of several different social circles (just like spices can be used to make many different kinds of dishes).

Well, I'm a real dill, I think. I see how I go through phases in my blogging. I may read atheist or skeptic blogs for a few days and blog mainly on the topic of religion or pseudoscience, then move to liberal political blogs for a few days, then to North Carolina blogs for a few days, then science blogs, then Balkan blogs, then blogs that blog about blogging and journalism, then Edublogs or MedBlogs, then I start the cycle all over again. It is difficult to write decent, longish, thoughtful posts on every one of those topics every day, or even every week.

Right now, enamored by the new ScienceBlogs, I am in the science blogging phase. I have just posted on Per-Tim interactions over on Circadiana and have a couple of other circadian-related posts in the works.

I am assuming that some of my readers come here for one type of post, and other readers for another type of post. I'd love to have an idea what roughly is the break-down of my readers - who is coming here for what? Please respond in comments.

This weekend I'll be finalizing my Blook. It will be a selection of posts from this blog. I found that the long political rants are the easiest ones to modify for a book format as most of the links can be done away with. The same goes for those few posts delving into my personal history, and a few about blogging. Everything else is too link-dependent and had to be eliminated. Thus, the Blook will be mostly on politics, on blogging, and on me. That leaves out, as potential readers, everyone who comes here for the science, or carnivals, or link-fests, or cool links, memes or humor or pictures. How likely are you to buy a Blook like that?

Also, I finally broke down and started my Bloglines subscription yesterday. I am gradually placing the blogs from my Blogroll (which is still not finished!) on there and finding how much I am spending even MORE time reading blogs now that I know who has updated recently. Woe is me. I am trying to write my Dissertation every day, not blogging even more!

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