Friday, January 13, 2006

Circadian Clocks are NOT designed!

Hmmm, some (but, to be fair, far from all) of the Freepers are misunderstanding scientific metaphors. Again.

Just because a process appears to be comprised of "carefully orchestrated interactions" does not mean there is an Intelligent Orchestrator, just that natural selection sometimes leads to the evolution of precise mechanisms.

If it can get away with a messy and less-than-optimal mechanisms, that is what we see. See Appendix. See Mammalian Eye. Bad design.

Yet, whenever precision is important for fitness, we will see precision. Circadian clock requires a certain level of precision in some organisms and evolution had 4 billion years to perfect it.

Circadian clock is NOT designed. Period. And Timeless.

For detailed refutation of this fallacy, see Reverend William Paley's Circadian Clock.

For a detailed look at the evolution and adaptive function of circadian rhythms, check
, Whence Clocks and The adaptive value of circadian systems: a review of a review.

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