Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Carnival of the Liberals #3

Welcome all to the Third Carnival of the Liberals. While I have hosted more than a dozen carnivals before, this is the first one that is competitive. As much as I liked all entries I had to choose the Top Ten. That was not an easy task, believe me. I agonized over each choice and changed my mind a million times.

I have not received anything that was NOT worthy of an inclusion. I just had to follow my instincts and pick those ten that spoke the loudest to me personally. Some are serious analysis, some are brilliant rants, some are great fun, even art (lots of fun ones actually, as all the posts were written during the holidays) - hopefully something for everybody. I am assuming that each host will have a different taste and I hope that persistence will pay off in the future for all those not included today. So, let's get started.

Dave Daulton, the Columnist of Foxy Digitalis wrote a great rant: Learning to Love the War on Christmas (also cross-posted on dKos).

The Countess followed the story on the contested PBS documentary about domestic violence and child abuse in great detail, and, seeing how few other bloggers paid attention to it, I wanted to point the readers to it again. It is long, though, so Trish had to break up the post into two halves, the first, PBS Releases Final Statement On 'Breaking The Silence: Children's Stories' describes the event, and the second half, Fathers' Rights Activists Livid Over PBS' Final Statement on 'Breaking The Silence: Children's Stories' describes the reaction.

Greensmile of The Executioners Thong wrote a very interesting set of hypotheses to explain why it may be that some people turn more conservative as they age, in Long Day's Journey Into Caution. Or do they? How about the country as a whole? Join the discussion in the comments there.

ThrowAwayYourTV is a Vlog. Check out All About the Mormons, South Park and if you like what you see there and wish to do the same, there is a five-part tutorial on the site. Just follow the directions.

Paul -V- of Brainshrub explains, with scholarly clarity and detail, why Aldrich Ames spy case is not an example of illegal warrantless wiretaps or searches by the Clinton Administration. Follow and join the discussion on "Able Danger" in the comments.

200motels of Let's Get Something Straight Between Us! is really funny. After many years living in France, where he studied "gavage," or the art of force-feeding geese for foie gras, 200 motels returned to America, where he operates a training camp for competitive eaters in Far Rockaway, NY. Interestingly, I used "gavage" in my research, as a way to get exact doses of some stuff directly into the stomachs of Japanese quail. If you look around the blog, you'll see many funny pieces, but start with THE THREE JIHADIS: Abdul, Mohammed and Curley Sayyed.

Doctor's almost scary NOT to include a piece from this guy! Fortunately, he writes so well, incurring personal inuries is not much of an issue. Yes, he can gloat now. Again. But I know no other blogger who is as capable of cutting through the meat and all the way to the bone, explaining some complex stuff in language that a child can understand. After reading Against the Imperial Presidency you will, too, be against the Imperial Presidency PLUS you will know how to explain why to your half-deaf uncle.

Modem Butterfly (not TNG) of Neural Gourmet used cool musical mnemonic devices to remember the US history. You can read about No more kings, or click on the links within to discover the lyrics of the old tunes. Guess who is now saying "QUIET OR WE’LL FLUNK YOU ALL!"

Seth Abramson of The Suburban Ecstasies provides history and documents in Clash Between Then-Attorney General John Ashcroft and FISA Court in Summer of 2002 May Have Provided Impetus for Bush Domestic Spying Executive Order.

When I received Auld Lang Impeachment from Mad Kane I actually sang it out loud to my wife's amusement. Her podcast version of the post may sound better than my singing, though.

Next edition of the Carnival will be held at Don’t Floss With Tinsel on January 18th, so write and send in your entries in time for it. Thank you all for coming. And: spread the word about the carnival and make it grow!

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