Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Here's more content of the package I got from my brother.

Last night, Mrs.Coturnix fixed a delicious roast with mashed potatoes, mushrooms and baby peas. In addition, we opened a jar of Roasted Red Peppers:
No match to the kind my mother makes, but still good!

In other news, my children have discovered another item in the box that they like: the Animal Kingdom (Zivotinjsko Carstvo) chocolates. I have no idea if they still make the album, but each little chocolate still contains a card/sticker with a picture of an animal.

Since I was a kid, only the delicious taste of the creamy chocolate remains the same, everything else is changed. The wrapper used to always be dark purple, now it comes in a variety of light collors. The style of pictures is also different. And the pictures are actually self-adhesive now (we used to have to use glue to place our pictures into the album). That album was very good - at a very young age I learned everything about Volvox!
In the meantime, my wife and I are gorging ourselves on "Domacica" biscuits. Back in the old days, we used to buy at least one box (each box weighing 1 kilogram!) for each day we were going to spend at a horseshow. Usually the showgrounds and stables are not located in the vicinity of a grocery store. Sure, there were food vendors at horseshows with hamburgers, hot dogs and other stuff, depending on the location (I still remember the delicious Gypsy-style steaks sold at a show in Bratislava, Slovakia), but what do you eat the day before the show opens, or at night? Well, of course, Domacica. We also shared with other hungry people at the stables. Soon enough, the habit spread, and by the end of the first show season, every single Yugoslav equestrian club brought Domacica to every show.

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