Friday, December 09, 2005

Upcoming Blog Carnivals

The Tar Heel Tavern (blog carnival of North Carolina bloggers) will be hosted by Anonymoses this Sunday. Send your entries to:
baruchthescribe AT yahoo DOT com

Carnival of the Godless, exploring religion from a godless perspective, is due to appear - poof - out of nothingness this Sunday on Unscrewing the Inscrutable. Send your entries to:
cotg-submission AT brentrasmussen DOT com

Carnival of the Green, dedicated to protecting the environment, will next be held at Jen's Green Journal on Monday, December 12th. Send your green notes to:
carnivalofgreen AT gmail DOT com

Grand Rounds, carnival of medicine, nursing and healthcarem will be up on 12/13/05 hosted by In the Pipeline. Send your prescriptions to:
derek-lowe AT sbcglobal DOT net

The Tangled Bank, the blog carnival covering science, nature, environment, medicine and the intersection of science and society, will appear on Wednesday, 14 Dec 2005, on Rural Rambles. Send your entries to:
host AT tangledbank DOT net

Carnival of Education will be held at The Education Wonks on Wednesday, December 14th. Send your entries to:
owlshome AT earthlink DOT net

Carnival Of The Balkans will shine in all its languages on YakimaGulagLiteraryGazett on December 15th. Send you entries to:
QueenKatarina2000 AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

History Carnival is arriving on 15 December at Frog in a Well. Send your posts to:
dresner AT hawaii DOT edu

Carnival of Bad History is still looking for a host!!!! It should be appearing on December 15th, but it can be moved back by a week or so if needed.
Update: Neural Gourmet has signed up as a host. Watch this space for more information regarding exact date, contact information, etc.

Carnival of the Liberals will appear on Neural Gourmet on Thursday, December 21. Send your entries to:
cotl-submissions AT carnivaloftheliberals DOT com

The next Carnival of the Feminists will be at Scribblingwoman on December 21. Send your unsubmissive submissions to:
jones AT unbsj DOT ca

Next Skeptic's Circle is coming to Immunoblogging on December 22rd. Send your debunking entries to:
odojo450 AT gmail DOT com

Next I And The Bird will be on 12/22/05 on Woodsong. Send ornithological entries to:
michiganbirder AT cmsinter DOT net

If you are into invertebrates, next Circus of the Spineless will appear on Bootstrap Analysis on New Year's Eve. Send your creepy-crawly entries to:
nuthatch DOT ba AT gmail DOT com

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