Monday, December 12, 2005

Should you panic if you have multiple Blogspot blogs?

There is some discussion online (e.g., here, here, here and here) about Google Blogger deleting, with no warning, blogspot blogs. Apparently, they are targeting people who have multiple blogspot blogs that - what can be more natural - link to each other, as well as to outside sources. I understand that splogs may do the same, but many legitimate bloggers do that, too.

This blog, Science and Politics, is my main blog, where I post everything and anything I care about. Naturally, it links, both from the sidebar and from many individual posts, to all the other blogs I have.

Circadiana is a place focused narrowly on science. It also links here and to a couple of others.

I have another blogspot blog that I use as Archives, mainly as a repository of the Blogroll, Links, Categories, some images, and other stuff that Blogger does not have figured out yet how to do. You can imagine how much incestuos linking goes on there, by the very nature of that blog.

I also blog at a couple of group blogs, namely Idea Consultants and Carolina Blog Consultants. Both link back here.

I am a member of the Liberal Coalition and the Circle of Science Assessment - both link back here and/or Circadiana.

I am co-managing the homepages of two blog carnivals: Carnival of the Balkans and Tar Heel Tavern, the latter one also having a separate blogspot blog for its complete archives. All three, naturally, link back here.

Finally, I have two blogs I made to experiment with, but rarely have time to do much with: Chronobiology and The Magic School Bus. Both link back here.

Should I worry? Especially now that I have just linked to all of them once again?

The Blogger support stuff is notorious for not responding to questions. I have sent them one a few minutes ago, just in case, as a precaution. I'll let you know if and when they respond.

What do you think? Are those a couple of mistakes they made while cleaning up splogs? Is it an automated function that is incapable of discriminating between splogs and legitimate blogs? Were these deleted blogs flagged by nasty individuals? Why would they think that cross-linking and out-linking is an indication of something wrong when that is the essence of blogging?

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