Thursday, December 22, 2005

Science News

* Study finds memories are like mental time travel:
When you remember something, your brain recreates the patterns of activity it had when the event happened, according to a study that also involved some "mind reading."

* Reports: global warming may be pushing polar bears to drowning, cannibalism:
The scattered reports are unproven, but expected given the climate shift, scientists say.

* Why good dancers are sexy:
A new study suggests good dancing may be sexy because it indicates bodily symmetry.

* Irresponsible in med school, in trouble as a doctor:
A study has found a strong link between irresponsibility in medical school, and professional misconduct later.

* Mirror, mirror: I still don't get it:
Humans have used mirrors daily for hundreds of years, but many of us still don't grasp the basics of how they work, a study has found.

* Researchers: mammoth genes nearly identical to elephant's:
Scientists report strides forward in sequencing ancient DNA.

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