Saturday, December 17, 2005

Science News

* Study traces Egyptians' stone-age roots:
A researcher says that using ancient teeth, he has learned who the Egyptians may have been before history.

* Hunt for the "glueball" may be almost over, physicist says:
Physicists have been searching for three decades for a bizarre subatomic particle called a glueball.

* Early dinosaurs had unusual growth abilities, study finds:
Some dinosaurs might have reached quite different adult sizes despite being from the same species, depending on conditions.

* Archaeologists unearth ancient "war zone" near Iraq border:
Archaeologists say they have found the earliest evidence for large-scale warfare near ancient Mesopotamia.

* Mural provides "window" into Maya origins:
The oldest well-preserved Maya mural provides a wealth of information on the civilization's origins, archaeologists say.

* Mysteries of early-aging syndrome unlocked, researchers say:
Understanding a condition that kills children by age 13 might benefit them, and the rest of us,
scientists believe.

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