Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Science News

* Dog genome published:
The information helps explain why dogs are so diverse, and their relationship to humans, according to scientists.

* Men and women differ in brain use, study finds:
The comedians are right; the science proves it, researchers say.

* Study: marital stress slows wound healing:
The findings could have major implications for hospitals and health insurance companies, the researchers claim.

* Jungle find opens 'new chapter' in Maya history:
Archaeologists are reporting the earliest known portrait of a woman from the Mayan civilization.

* Are schools making kids fat?:
U.S. schools that allow frequent snacking, offer junk food and hold bake sales have more overweight students, a study has found.

* Earth-friendly grenades proposed:
Scientists say the little bombs could be designed to go easy on the environment.

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