Sunday, December 04, 2005

Obscure-but-Good Movies

When Milkriverblog asked for obscure-but-good movies the other day, I was busy and distracted, so I did not give it enough thought. If you ask nicely, he will send you MSWord file of the list (more than 150 titles) so you can print it out and take with you when you go movie-shopping.

I seconded other people's suggestions (Milkriverblog has links to them), specifically "Fast, Cheap and Out Of Control" (a movie I adore), "My Dinner With Andre" and "Zatoichi". My own suggestion was tongue-in-cheek - "Alien Avengers", a silly C-grade movie I liked because Anastasia Sekularis is in it and she's hot!

But I wish I was in the right mood then, because I would have suggested some others, too. I love Japanese movies, including all the monster stuff with Godzila, Gilala and Mothra. My copy of The Calamari Warrior is coming soon, too, and I'll try to find the Koala Executive.

Of course, I've seen a lot of Kurosawa, but he is not obscure. My absolute favourite, a movie I have seen many times is Seven Samurai, after all these years still better than its offshoots The Magnificent Seven, Battle Beyond the Stars, and the Bug's Life. Though, actually, those three are good. Battle Beyond the Stars is funny as hell, and it does count as obscure, so I could have suggested that one. Rashomon, Throne of Blood and Yojimbo are my other Kurosawa favourites. Yojimbo was remade as a Western, too, one of my favourite Westerns of all times: A Fistful of Dollars (not to be confused with the blog Fistful of Euros).

To close the Japan section, I'd have to recommend Tampopo, a movie for food lovers. And, if I had to choose only one Japanese obscure-but-good movie, I would suggest Kwaidan, the scariest movie I have ever seen in my life. I have no idea how I managed to persuade myself to see it the second time, but I know I will not do it the third time. Ever. If you want to be scared, really scared, watch it on a large digital screen, late at night, sitting in the dark alone. Make sure you are wearing diapers.

All right. I've seen every single movie that Bruce Lee has ever made. Most of them more than once. Enter The Dragon, dunno, a dozen times or more...

Actually, let me make a little switch now. Hey, this is blogging, I can start a post one way and end it another way. Sue me. The best measure of one's liking of a movie is seeing it more than once. Not by chance when it's on cable when you're bored, but intentionally ordering, renting or even going to the theater to see it again and again and again. So, on that note, which movies I have intentionally seen multiple times?

As I mentioned above, Enter The Dragon - many times. I have seen Seven Samurai several times and I'll gladly see it again. I have seen some of the other movies I mentioned above twice, including Kwaidan, A Fistful of Dollars, Battle Beyond The Stars, Alien Avengers, The Bug's Life and Magnificient Seven. And I'd see them all again. What else?

Fiddler on the Roof
Midnight Express
Seventh Seal
Ko to tamo peva (Who's Singing Over There)
(Susan and) Jeremy
Dom za vesanje/Time of the Gypsies
Wild Things
Good, Bad and Ugly
The Incredible Shrinking Man
Dark Star
Easy Rider
Mars Attacks
Charlotte's Web
Love Story
History of the World, Part I
Clash of the Titans
Two Mules for Sister Sara
Soylent Green
WR: Mysteries of Orga(ni)sm
Animal Farm
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Too Afraid To Ask
Young Frankenstein
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

Finally, I saw The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother only once, decades ago, but my brother and I are still trying to figure out which one of us is the smarter brother.

What a weird mix of genres, countries of origin, and quality! High art, kids movies, sentimental schlock, classic westerns, teen-angst, kung-fu action, dark comedy, ancient science fiction... Don't ask! Even I have no idea what is it about these particular movies that makes me watch them again and again....And not to mention that I liked many other movies that I have seen only once. At least not a single one of these has Tom Cruise in it!

So, what movies do you watch again and again? Can you say why?

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