Sunday, December 11, 2005

More Edible Nostalgia

Continuing to explore the food package my brother sent me the other day....

For dinner last night I had tuna fillets in vegetable oil (along some other stuff I already described before, e.g., proscuitto, liver pate and roasted red peppers):
I have also discovered, by finding many empty wrappers, that somebody in the family likes the hazelnut caramels:
But the main thing...oh, let me start from the beginning....

I was a very slow eater as a kid. Also a picky eater (though, compared to my kids, I was an angel). So, whatever I liked, I ate again and again and again. For years, my breakfast consisted of two slices of nice fresh white bread, spread thickly with rosehip jam.

After I arrived in the USA I could not find rosehip jam anywhere. I looked and I looked and I looked. One day, I discovered one, made in Switzerland. I bought a little jar and tried it, but it was so bland and tasteless...yuck!

A few years back, I went to visit my brother in Chicago. There was a great Eastern European store in the neighborhood, so we stocked up on a lot of nostalgic goodies, including the rosehip jam. If I remember correctly, I bought one jar to bring home, too. That was a long time ago.

Recently, I discovered that local Southern Seasons carries an Austrian brand. A little acidic, but good enough that I am now on the third jar. Then, last time I went there, I found a Hungarian brand that is even better. But that is only because enough time passed for me to forget what the REAL thing tastes like.

Then, the REAL thing, made in Croatia, showed up in the package. The jar looks like this:
I went and bought some really nice bread for the occasion. Then I made a whole big ceremony of opening the jar. The lid came off and I was enveloped in the most beautiful scent of my youth. I spread it really thickly over bread. And, to make the experience as reminiscent of childhood as possible, I fixed hot cocoa to go with it, too:
Did I mention that I have my own, very complicated and ritualistic way of fixing hot cocoa? Ah, what a breakfast I had....!

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