Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Koufax Awards 2005 - nomination process is about to end

Nominations for Koufax Awards are going to be closed soon.

Read what it is all about, what are the basic criteria, who won the awards the previous three years and see already a lot of nominations in the comments here (you can see there who I nominated, too).

Then check who was also nominated in the additional comment threads here, here and here. You may get some ideas there....

Finally, go and post your nominations in the comments here.

Nominate your own blog, you best post, and best series. Rally your readers to nominate you a few more times. Suggest the names of your favourite commenters. Give a boost to your favourite blogs, especially the little ones in the categories of Deserving Wider Recognition and Best New Blog.

New category this year is Best State/Local Blog and the field is pretty thin - there are many great local bloggers in North Carolina focusing on stae or local issues - go and nominate them.

Every nominated blog will be looked at by a lot of people on the Center-Left of the political spectrum. Blogs (or posts, series, or commenters) nominated a few times will procede to the next level of voting.

So, go there, throw a couple of bucks in the Wampum tip-jar if you can (this is an expensive process!), check out the nominations and add some of your own.

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