Saturday, December 10, 2005

Is it Correlation or Causation, one wonders....

From Corrente Wire I learned that I should not be afraid to go in the woods around here as it is not likely I will bump into a feral hog or a Bush voter. Lambert reports on a New Yorker article that, among else says this:

The presence of feral hogs in a state is a strong indicator of its support for Bush. Twenty-three of the twenty-eight states with feral hogs voted for Bush. That’s more than four-fifths; states that went for Kerry, by contrast, were feral-hog states less than a fifth of the time.
The solidly feral-hog South was, of course, solidly for Bush. The small islands there without wild hogs—Little Rock, Raleigh Durham—voted for Kerry.
And in Chapel Hill/Carrboro area, I guess it's hard to find even the domestic kind....After all, Kucinich won the primaries here, and Kerry destroyed Bush in 2004....

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