Saturday, December 03, 2005

Classifications of Blogs

So, what type of blogger are you - a singer, ringer, stringer, finger or flinger? Reading this may help you decide. It is expanded into an interesting essay here.

Or, perhaps you prefer this classification scheme. In that case, are you a Meme-du-jour blogger, Caterer, Nicheblogger, Internet guide, The celebrity-blogger, The service blogger, or The long-tail blogger?

Or perhaps you prefer the old simple division into Linkers and Writers?

Why do you like or dislike any of the above classifications? Have you seen any other classifications that you liked or disliked? If so, let me know - I am interested in putting them all together.

What type of blogger are you?

I think I am all of the above (except an independently famous person who also blogs) - at some times more of one type, at other times more of another, sometimes all of it in one day when I post a lot of different types of posts. Who is going to categorize me?

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