Friday, December 02, 2005

Cedevita - it's good for you!

This is another nostalgic product from my brother's package - Cedevita! An orange flavored, orange colored, vitamin drink:

I used to drink one every day when I was a kid (and even when I was not a kid any more). I used to make it about 4 times as strong as the recommended dose - I knew the surplus vitamins just get flushed out of the system. It tasted better that way.

Later in life, I used to fix myself one glass of Cedevita to go together with my afternoon superstrong Turkish coffee.

People my age or slightly older may remember that the original name for this was Cedemonta. And, those much older, if still alive and functioning, may still to this day call this Cedemonta as habits die hard (sorta like calling every cotton-swab a Q-tip, or a paper handkerchief "Paloma" - another Yugoslav brand).

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