Monday, December 19, 2005

Balkanization of the Blogosphere

Now this is something for the Carnival of the Balkans! The Commissar used an old map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and turned it into a map of political blogosphere. If you go here you can hover your mouse over the map and click on towns and cities to get to various blogs.

Atrios is in aristocratic Vienna and Tbogg in lively Prague. Panda's Thumb has a whole Montenegro for itself - it is rough country to navigate. Dispatches From The Culture Wars is in Nish, one of the most enlightened cities in Serbia, while Orac is in Kragujevac, the site of one of the most brutal atrocities at the hands of the German Nazis during the WWII, and Pharyngula is in Prishtina (capital of Kosovo), the site of origin of ethnic cleansing and the target of a recent bombing by Dilbert. Have fun finding others. Where's Pandagon? I want to be Belgrade - after all, I was born there in real life!

Update: Thanks Herr Commissar, for placing me in my birthcity! There. I feel at home.

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