Sunday, November 06, 2005

Link-Love: blogging John Edwards

Iddybud: Elizabeth Edwards Writing Memoir and, from Dems on Iraq War - Mistakes Were Made comes this great article: Rich Man, Poor Man: Meet John Edwards, your next president. And, as a guest-blogger on OAC blog, Jude reports on the great cross-over appeal of Edwards from the new Pew poll.

Third Estate Sunday Review is a huge fan.

Laikaseefeel discovers that Edwards did not want to concede. Current Era Blog has more.

Universal Awareness has started a new section on The Other America.

Reader's Corner is one of the blogs of the Raleigh News & Observer. Here, a reader complains about a continuous use of an ugly old photo of Edwards.

Hamtramk Star reports on the conclusion of the Opportunity Rocks College Tour.

Mark Maynard interviews Edwards during the Tour. Matt on Michigan Liberal chimes in.

Rebecca asks: if john edwards feels the election was stolen, shouldn't they also be recommending that he write an op-ed?

Ironside Rant: Had he been better known, he would have won.

Laviesauvage saw Edwards in Cincinnati.

So, ungentle a new fan.

Mad Kane wrote an Ode to John Edwards.

I had dinner with Jim Buie in Greensboro last month. Here are some links to his posts on Edwards.

Benny reports from the Tour, at Dartmouth.

The Ethical Werewolf also reports from the Tour, from UT. So does In The Pink Texas: Dear John. And so does PinkDome.

Neil Shakespeare is also a fan. He wrote a review of the same event, but I cannot find the link any more.

Michael Andrew is itching for an Edwards' 2008 run.

Cracks in the Facade is a local fan.

Aldon Hynes saw him speak, and he is sold. He is trying to put together a Poverty Blog Project. Hey, just look at all the blogs linked in this post!

Here are some other Edwards bloggers:

Johnnybutter's blog is on hiatus, but he sometimes guest-blogs on Total Information Awareness. He was blogging on Edwards' campaign blog from Day One. So did Susan Nunes.

Maya Frommer designed the famous Edwards Is Hot T-shirts.

Anonymoses is also a fan, see this post on American Street.

M.B.Tankersley's blog is Turmoil of 1000 Hands.

Vagabondvet, apart from running his own blog, also runs JREGrassroots Forum.

Any other Edwards fans in the blogosphere? Please let me know.

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