Monday, November 07, 2005

Liberal Prose

I have recently joined the Liberal Prose blogads group. Let me introduce my co-conspirators there:

Brother Kenya took a Sedimental Journey.

Daily Pepper agrees with me that Arnold is a girlie man.

In Blogenlust, there is Pandemonium.

Neddie Jingo reveals a secret about his moonlighting past.

Tom Watson explains Strict Cosntruction.

The Republic of T. on Knowing What’s Good for Us.

Pesky' apostrophe thinks that this is Christmas.

Echidne of the Snakes is celebrating her second blogiversary today.

Oh - oh! It appears that Tattered Coat is about to go on a prolonged hiatus. Many have said that before...

Lance Mannion reviews the latest Herbie movie (which is not about a car, but about Lindsay Lohan's chest).

Jill of Feministe (there is also Lauren there) describes undergraduate political clubs at NYU.

Lawyers, Guns and Money (a trio of bloggers) explaining the filibuster.

Bitch, PhD is accused of being a leftist professor who does not tolerate dissent!

Shakespeare's Sister is not surprosed that the IRS is threatening a liberal church with revoking its tax-exempt status because the minister gave an antiwar sermon during the last election.

Dependable Renegade is mainly a photoblog.

Brad Blog covers the Beatty vs. Schwarzenegger box-match.

Pandagon has three: Amanda on a bruise or a love punch, Pam on torture, while Jedmunds is afraid of Virginia Woolf.

If you like all those blogs (and I do - they are some of the bext ever), consider advertising on the whole bunch. Just click here.

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