Saturday, November 12, 2005

Framing Iraq

Jeffrey Feldman, as always, has sage words about framing, this time on Iraq. Check out the post that clearly differentiates two alternatives, the Republican one and the Democratic one: Better 'A' or 'B'?
One of the hardest things to understand when it comes to the debate on Iraq is the difference between how Republicans and Democrats frame the impact of American forces in that country.
Here's a simple way of understanding the difference.
He continues here: The 'Choose A or B' Frame:
With John Edwards now launching a new effort to reclaim moral authority on Iraq, it is vital that the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans be expressed in clear and simple terms.
The 'A or B' frame can be incredibly helpful for Americans who are seeking to understand exactly what choices lay in front of them...
Go read both posts carefully and adjust your rhetoric accordingly. This also makes the issue simple enough for even your dumbest neighbors to understand while you are chatting over the fence.

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