Saturday, October 15, 2005

Lance Mannion to be dissected

Oh, oh! Sorry, Lance. I t may be due to a comment that I left there.

Colin McEnroe, whose blogging class up in Connecticut I am following with considerable interest, directed his students to read Lance and write on their blogs about him (check the list of student blogs on his sidebar over the next few days for results).

Colin itroduces Lance as someone with "big rep as a strong writer" so the students are going to be predisposed to nitpick about his writing style. Also, judging from some of their previous posts, a number of students have a strong aversion to (or is it 'against') political blogs and Lance has written quite a lot of political posts recently. Perhaps Lance should write one of his beautiful lyrical pieces and keep it on top for a few days....

Also, Aldon Hynes came to class there (he is my fellow co-blogger on Idea Consultants) and pointed them to this excellent article which provides some very interesting statistics about the sex and age distribution of bloggers and other similar stuff, something relevant to the discussion generated by this recent post.

BTW, Colin should tell his students to enable word verification as their blogs are full of comment spam. He should also encourage them to respond to comments they get on their blogs, as well as to comment on each others' blogs. Finally, they may need help installing sitemeters - a neccessary tool if the conversation between blogs is to be more than one-sided (i.e., talking out loud, but being deaf to responses from the blogosphere).

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