Friday, September 16, 2005

A Pictorial Guide to the last Two Weeks

Katrina hits the Coast. Bush hits a wrong chord. Nobody has the guts to tell him he's gotta cut his vacation short:

The city is flooded. People are dying. Still, nobody has the guts to tell the ill-tempered Emperor:

Brownie screws up. Still, nobody has the guts to tell the angry guy anything about it. Helluva job, guys:

In the meantime, the horror continues. Some really hungry looters move in:

Finally, someone suggests he should go down and see for himself. Only the bravest are allowed in the vicinity of the vengeful Emperor:

Then, they erect Disneyland for the backdrop of his litany of codewords that some may recall from his old "ownership society" speeches:

It's hard work! And it's awfully hot down there with no air-conditioning:

Not it is just hard work, but it is also borng and the sessions last too long:

In the meantime, it appears we are about to get a new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Why? Because he has such big, beautiful blue eyes:

Perhaps the behavior of Brownie, Bush and others can be explained by the Wobegon Effect!

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