Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Katrina timelines

So far, I have seen three Katrina timelines:

Talking Points Memo

Think Progress

Rightwing Nuthouse

As far as I know, all three are welcoming new information. It is interesting to compare the three - what is in and what is not on the list, as well as editorializing and word-choices.

Also, I have decided to end the huge Katrina linkfest today, as it was getting unwieldy. Big thank you goes to all who have linked to it over the past few days. It was a big job (~3 hours per day). Instead, I will link to this-or-that interesting blog post every now and then and try to find some time to write my own Katrina-inspired musings in the nearest future.

Update: Here's another one:

Radical Russ

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